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A new policy was approved Monday evening at the Dewey Public Schools Board of Education (DPS) meeting.

The new policy concerns the seizure of safe schools in Dewey. Superintendent Vince Vincent says this is based on current legislation which will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Vincent says any student or student who has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder is covered by this new policy. He says there is also a need for someone in the district to be trained in seizure disorders.

A school nurse is already trained in this area. Vincent adds that they have a few students who fall into this category. He says they are already operating under the guidelines, but they show that they are following the legislation that has been passed.

If the current nurse is away, someone in the elementary building will help students with seizure disorders.

Two revisions to the policy were also approved by the DPS. Vincent says they have revised their student transfer policy. He says they changed their class capacity for fourth-grade classes to 66 students from 90 students before the Jan. 1 deadline.

The other policy that has been revised relates to Dewey’s school calendar. Vincent says there has been only a slight change in the language in the policy to show how and when they approve the school calendar each year. He says they usually approve their school calendar for the following year in December or January.

Speaking of Dewey’s school calendar, DPS discussed three calendar options for 2022-2023. The Board has chosen Option A as the schedule of its choice. They then approved their regular meeting dates for the 2022 calendar year.

A transfer of activity funds for four accounts would also be approved. These transfers are as follows:

  • Elementary and Middle School Photo / Souvenir Book Account at Elementary Sub-Account in the amount of $ 4,926.30.
  • Elementary and middle school photo / souvenir book account in the middle school sub-account in the amount of $ 1,531.89.
  • Elementary and Middle School Photo / Souvenir Book Account to Secondary School Sub-Account in the amount of $ 1,532.26.
  • Elementary / Jodi Beffer donation account to college class account in the amount of $ 485.50.

The National Honor Society’s fundraiser for Christmas gift giving to local families would be approved at the meeting. Two resignations were then approved, followed by the hiring of a special education paraprofessional and a regular education paraprofessional.

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