BBC reveals if Classic Gladiators will return for a reboot


Thirty years after the show debuted on ITV, Gladiators officially returns, this time to the BBC.

Now the broadcaster has asked if any of the classic cast members will be returning for the new set of episodes.

Asked about the reboot during a panel for the 2022 Edinburgh International Television Festival, BBC Unscripted director Kate Phillips said she was “not sure” if favorites such as Wolf will be back, but added that “there will definitely be some terrific new Gladiators.”

Phillips also explained why the broadcaster decided to bring the show back, referring to comments made on the same panel by BBC content manager Charlotte Moore, who said it ‘takes a lot of creativity’ to pull it off. a reboot.

Phillips said: “When [producers] MGM and Hungry Bear brought us Gladiators, we didn’t just say “Yeah, Gladiators, let’s do this!” – there was quite a long period of development, because our first question, as Charlotte said, was: ‘Well, how do we restart it? How to make it different? »

She continued, “So basically they worked very hard on what the format would look like now, how would we redesign it, so there was a long period of development before we announced it.”

Phillips also explained how news of the show’s return had leaked before the BBC’s official announcement, and said that “just seeing the reaction from the public, to me, just saying ‘Sure, we should “- we’re going to have terrible times in the UK and God, we need joy and escape, big TV events and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Gladiators.”

The new season of Gladiators on the BBC will consist of 11 episodes and is expected to include new games as well as classic challenges when it airs next year.

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