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Radio DJ Chris Evans, 54, was less than impressed with his Virgin Radio co-host Rachel Horne, 41, on his breakfast show this morning for not listening carefully enough to what he was saying. It comes after the presenter encouraged listeners to bid on a VW camper van to use at her upcoming CarFest, but Rachel got lost in the conversation, leading Chris to ask a reason why she didn’t. was not listening.

After explaining how the contest worked, Chris had a surprising admission to make.

He said, “Now I’m just going to thank my friend Nigel.

“It’s really important for everyone because Nigel owns the VW Camper and he doesn’t know we’re doing this.”

The studio burst into laughter when co-host Vassos Alexander joked, “Can we borrow your van?”

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Chris then exploded, referring to the fact that Rachel usually has Monday off: “He doesn’t know about the auction!

“What aren’t you listening to here, Rachel!” Give it to her on Tuesdays too!

Chris explained that he had driven the VW Campervan to radio studios in central London, citing that the journey “was not easy”.

“It shakes, it shakes, it rolls. I didn’t expect to get here until tomorrow’s show today,” he joked.

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