Chris Evans to undergo surgery as he misses the Virgin Radio show for the second week in a row


Chris Evans will have to undergo surgery to treat his kidney stones after missing another week to present his Virgin Radio breakfast show.

Fans were concerned when Chris failed to show up for the show yesterday morning (Monday 15th) which runs from 6.30am to 10am.

Last week, the 54-year-old presenter was taken to hospital and diagnosed with kidney stones, which affect one in ten people on average.

Sam Pinkham is currently replacing the veteran DJ.

Sam explained why Chris had been absent for the second week in a row.

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On Tuesday’s breakfast show, he said: “There are a lot of messages coming in for Chris which is always nice to hear because obviously you’re as worried about him as we are.”

Fans were particularly concerned about Twitter.

One person said: “For the 6th day, where is Chris Evans?”

Sam explained: “Just to let you know what happened, he was rushed to hospital last weekend with kidney stones. He was out last week hoping they would pass naturally.

“Every time you tell people live that Chris has kidney stones, they all do the same thing and go, ‘Ooooooh.

“Women have said passing kidney stones can be more painful than giving birth. So, poor, poor Chris.”

Sam also revealed details of Chris’ surgery, saying last Friday the star presenter underwent a procedure using ultrasound to break up stones. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Chris’ first show dates back to 1997

Instead, Chris will now undergo minor surgery to remove them permanently.

Sam added that Chris said he “can’t wait to be back on the air”.

Chris shared his painful experience with kidney stones last week.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “After an ultrasound and CT scan it was clear I had a moving kidney stone.

He continued: “I was admitted to a ward where I was cared for until I returned home on Monday evening.

“I still have the stone, and if it doesn’t come out soon, I’ll have to go back and have it removed.”

He was also extremely grateful for the health care he had received.

Chris said: “All of the NHS doctors, nurses, porters and consultants were generally amazing, professional, warm, caring – all wrapped up in their usual blanket of selflessness and hilarity.”

Chris’ first show was in October 1997. These days, he’s definitely a concrete voice on our morning airwaves.

We all wish him a speedy recovery!


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