Doctor Who shares new behind-the-scenes footage of Sea Devils


With only 10 days left until Easter Sunday, we finally see Jodie Whittaker’s penultimate adventure at the helm of the TARDIS. The Thirteenth Doctor sets sail on the Chinese seas to take on the classic 1970s monsters, the Sea Devils, who have undergone a complete overhaul since their last appearance.

While the Doctor Who production team hasn’t been shy about sharing promotional photos of these villains, they’ve just released their first set of behind-the-scenes shots in which the Sea Devils can be seen preparing for their close-ups.

Ray Holman and a sea devil costume on the set of Doctor Who BBC

To give fans a better look at the monsters and their updated design, the new images show the Sea Devil’s head in detail, detached and worked on by on-set costume designer Ray Holman.

And despite some updates, the new Sea Devil head was designed with the old version in mind. In a recent interview with SFX, it was revealed that a vintage mold from the 1980s was found and used to ensure the Sea Devil’s proportions were always the same.

“You have to go through the thought process of, ‘Do we change it so much that it becomes something different?'” Holman said of the pressures to bring such a beloved and classic design into the 21st century.

“And if it’s something modern and different, that has animatronics and all sorts of other things, will it have the same flavor as the originals?”

Costume designer Ray Holman is working on a sea devil mask

Costume designer Ray Holman is working on a sea devil mask BBC

One of the main changes is that the new Sea Devils are a bit shorter than their predecessors, to match Jodie Whittaker’s height. Although, thanks to new behind-the-scenes footage from the BBC, it’s clear they’ll still be standing tall as they battle the Doctor on his pirate adventure.

And, while it’s unclear who wears the head of Sea Devil in the footage above, we do know their leader will be played by Craige Els, who wore prosthetics in season 13 as John’s protector Lupari. Bishop, Karvanista.

The other change, of course, gives these dastardly demons a more pirate aesthetic in preparation for their journey – and from this latest version it’s clear that the new and improved Sea Devils will be able to do battle with the best of them all. them.

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 17 April. For more, check out our science fiction page or our full TV guide.

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