GTA: 10 celebrities who would be great radio hosts


the Grand Theft Auto the franchise will be 25 years old in 2022 and each game featured audible entertainment on the game’s radio stations. The first use of the licensed music in the series was in GTA: London 1969 while GTA II was the first game where commercials were heard on the radio. Celebrity voices were finally introduced to the franchise in GTA III when the actor, Frank Vincent, played the protagonist, Salvatore Leone.

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Since then, Rockstar has recruited comedians, DJs and musicians with recognizable voices for their radio stations. Lee “Scratch” Perry welcomes the Blue arch station and JB Smoove portrayed Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris who hosts the show, Chakra attack, on West Coast Talk Radio at GTA V. Rockstar has also included the vocals Roy Ayers, Carl Bradshaw, and Boosty Collins in previous games.

ten Will.I.Am has what it takes to be an in-game character

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas Founder, Will.I.Am, is a rapper, songwriter and record producer. He was also a judge on the TV show, The Voice United Kingdom and The Voice Australia. Will.I.Am is widely known and would make a great addition to the RGT franchise.

Because of his musical background, Will.I.Am would be an ideal talk show host or radio DJ. Not only does he have a distinct voice, but he can generally be identified by his cool appearance and eye-catching fashion. He even has the qualities to be a judge of GTA reality show, Fame or shame.

9 Billie Eilish would be a perfect host for a pop music station

Billie Eilish with a yellow background

More RGT games have included a pop music radio station. Radio presenters tend to be energetic and young. Billie Eilish’s music can be categorized as electropop, indie pop and alternative pop, making her an ideal candidate to host a popular music radio station.

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Eilish won awards at a very young age. His music appeals to many adolescents and young adults. Given his own radio show on RGT, she could share her musical tastes and influences with the players. His outgoing personality and eccentric demeanor would entertain players and appeal to the masses.

8 Annie Mac has hosted radio shows for several years

Annie Mac DJ on BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 legend Annie Mac left the network earlier this year after 17 years of broadcasting on the station. The Irish radio host has been a DJ for a long time and has had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented musicians in the business.

Annie Mac clearly has a knack for what she does, and could quite easily compose a mix for a RGT radio station. She is very knowledgeable about the industry and is likely to play classic songs from the electronic music scene. With her experience behind the mic and working with other titans in the industry, Annie Mac is almost overqualified for the job.

seven The Russel brand has an iconic and entertaining voice

Russell Brand on stage

English comedian and actor Russell Brand is an ideal candidate to host a radio show in a RGT Game. He already hosts his own podcast, Under the skin with the Russell brand, where he tackles subjects such as philosophy, spiritualism and politics. He regularly contributed to his Youtube show, The Trews, where he would analyze headlines, share opinions and talk about current affairs.

In addition to his tendency to talk, Russell Brand has been a presenter for MTV and has appeared in several action and animated films. He has a voice that is familiar to most, which makes him a suitable radio host. Rock star should consider. Brand is sure to entertain listeners with his sharp wit and iconic London accent.

6 Joanna Lumley has a sophisticated voice for the radio

Joanna Lumley in close-up on purple background

the RGT franchise has not had a classic radio station since Double Key from GTA III and GTA: Liberty City Stories. The radio station features compositions by Mozart and Giuseppe Verdi and silly commentary from the presenter. If there were to be a classic radio station in the future, a more versatile selection of classic pieces would have to be included along with a sophisticated radio host.

Joanna Lumley has a sleek English accent and a recognizable voice. She could entertain listeners between songs, making transitions more entertaining. Of course, most gamers would love to ride Vinewood Boulevard in a tank while listening to Wagner. Ride of the Valkyries.

5 Alice Cooper already has her own radio show

Alice Cooper with her hands up

Rock legend Alice Cooper is a singer-songwriter from Detroit. He performed with bands before going solo with his music career and he’s no stranger to the big screen. He also regularly hosts a radio show called Nights with Alice Cooper which can be streamed online to all over the world.

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In GTA San Andreas, the main rock radio station, K-DST, is presented by Tommy “The Nightmare” Smith, who is voiced by Guns’ n Roses frontman Axl Rose. Alice Cooper has a similar style and sense of humor in her radio shows. If there must be another RGT game, Cooper would amuse fans with his musical selection and carefree demeanor.

4 Seun Kuti’s musical taste will make players dance

Seun Kuti is the son of Afro-beat pioneer and political activist Fela Kuti. The Nigerian musician now performs with his father’s former band, Egypt 80, and continues to share infectious grooves and energetic beats with the world.

Seun Kuti is a multi-instrumentalist and lead singer, which means he has a great voice. Kuti’s active career has given him valuable experience as a leader. He also follows in his father’s footsteps by addressing political issues in his home country. Seun Kuti has the fight and the fire to be one RGT radio host playing African music and commenting on game news.

3 Tom Green has a weird sense of humor

Medium close-up Tom Green

Canadian comedian, actor and filmmaker Tom Green is known for his wacky sense of humor and quirky ways of making people laugh. As an actor he was seen in charlie’s angels and Travel by car. He also hosted his own show that aired in the late 1990s on MTV titled The Tom Green Show.

Tom Green should have the chance to host a radio show for the RGT franchise. He would be more than capable of writing his own material and can match the energy of some of Rockstar’s crazy characters.

2 Nina Kraviz can create a great mix for long journeys

Nina Kraviz DJ

In updates for GTA Online, DJs have been incorporated into the game, including Solomon, Dixon and The Black Madonna. These musicians are available for reservation if the protagonist owns one of the Los Santos nightclubs. Some updates also feature additional radio stations such as iFruit Radio presented by Danny Brown and Still sliding Los Santois hosted and mixed by Joy Orbison.

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Nina Kraviz is a techno DJ and music producer from Siberia. She has been heavily involved in the electronic music scene for over a decade and has even worked on video games before. In Cyberpunk 2077, she plays the Ripperdoc as well as Bara Nova, a DJ on one of the radio stations. Throughout the RGT franchise, there have been a few dance radio stations and Nina’s musical selection would suit perfectly.

1 Joe Rogan is the perfect interviewer

Joe Rogan from The Joe Rogan Experience

Former TV presenter Joe Rogan is known to have commented on the UFC and hosted his own podcast. His talk show features guest speakers and celebrities such as Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Quentin Tarantino. With Rogan’s growing popularity and his voice being heard more frequently, he is an ideal person to host a radio show.

If Joe Rogan were to have a radio talk show in a RGT game, he could interview real celebrities as well as characters from the game. However, Rogan would need to make his interviews much shorter than normal.

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