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HTC has just unveiled the HTC VIVE Flow, a pair of “immersive glasses” that will allow you to take virtual reality experiences with you on the go.

Explaining that this particular product is all about wellness, HTC CEO Cher Wang said, “With VIVE Flow, HTC is taking technology in a new direction, focusing not on what we do, but on how we feel.

“Maintaining our well-being has become a priority over the past few years, with so many millions of people feeling stressed out every day, so it’s never been more important to take the time to calm our minds, and VIVE Flow offers the perfect opportunity to escape our four walls and immerse ourselves in our ideal atmosphere.

If you’re intrigued by HTC VIVE Flow, read on to find out more. We’ve got the release date window, pre-order details, and everything you need to know below.

What is HTC VIVE Flow?

The HTC VIVE Flow is described by its creators as a pair of “immersive glasses,” although you might think it looks more like a lightweight VR headset.

HTC VIVE Flow will connect wirelessly to most 5G Android phones, and power banks will also be sold to accompany it. Small enough to fit in a carrying case that isn’t much larger than an average eyeglass case, the HTC Vive flow is said to be “designed to help people find moments throughout their daily lives to relax.” , refresh and eat ”.

With HTC VIVE Flow, you’ll be able to mirror your phone’s screen to the virtual reality screen (which means you can scroll through Instagram, watch Netflix, or reply to WhatsApp messages without having to remove the headset), and you You will also be able to use dedicated apps focused on meditation, relaxation, training your brain, and entertaining yourself with basic games.

It’s not long to wait for the HTC VIVE Flow release date.

HTC VIVE Flow release date

The HTC VIVE Flow release date will be in November 2021, so there is not long to wait at all. The exact date has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturers. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when that changes, however.

HTC VIVE Flow price

The HTC VIVE Flow will be priced at £ 499 here in the UK, making it a luxury item – it’s similarly priced to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it’s not at all similar products. In Europe, it will be 549 euros. And in the United States, it will set you back US $ 499.

In terms of additional costs, it’s worth noting that HTC will also be launching a “Viveport Special Subscription Plan” priced at US $ 5.99 per month, which “gives people unlimited access to a wide range of immersive apps. covering wellness, brain training, productivity, light games and exclusive content like a Lo-Fi room designed to look like a cozy cafe ”.

HTC VIVE Flow pre-order

HTC VIVE Flow pre-orders start today, and you can check the official VIVE website if you want to receive your order on time. Those who pre-order will also receive the official HTC VIVE Flow carrying case and a gift set containing seven pieces of virtual content for use with the device.

Is the HTC VIVE Flow price high for you?

Is the HTC VIVE Flow price high for you?

HTC VIVE Flow specifications and features

HTC has stated that the HTC VIVE Flow will have “a wide 100 degree field of view. [which] lets cinematic displays get lost in HD quality content, with crisp 3.2K resolution and a smooth 75Hz refresh rate.

The device will also offer “full 3D spatial audio” through its built-in speakers, although you can connect Bluetooth headphones if you don’t want anyone to hear what you’re immersing yourself in.

The HTC VIVE Flow weighs just 189 grams and has a ‘double-hinged design and a soft face seal. [that] allows it to fold into a compact footprint for effortless portability.

And if you wear glasses, don’t worry! HTC revealed that the VIVE Flow “also has built-in dioptric dials, allowing users to easily make adjustments for crystal-clear visuals.” Another impressive feature is its active cooling system, which “keeps hot air away from your face, keeping you comfortable all day long”.

Take virtual reality on the go with HTC VIVE Flow.

Take virtual reality on the go with HTC VIVE Flow.

Is HTC VIVE Flow good for games and apps?

A few weeks ago, got their hands on a demo unit for the HTC VIVE Flow. We were surprised at how light and comfortable it was, and it was also impressive how well the simple dials on the helmets compensated for my normal need to wear glasses in VR (this review is slightly short-sighted, but didn’t need to glasses after playing with these dials).

We were allowed to try a number of apps during the event and they all worked really well: there was a trippy the TRIPP meditation app, which took us on a colorful journey to relaxation; there was a chill out app that let us hang out in a jazz cafe while the rain fell outside the virtual window; there were a few very basic games including a ‘pirate shooter’ where we had to aim cannonballs at distant ships; and we also watched Star Wars on Disney +, which was mirrored from a phone and looked great in VR.

Overall, you can tell the HTC VIVE Flow is designed for relaxation and downtime rather than hardcore gaming. That being said, the fact that you can mirror your phone to the VR screen means you should be able to play any mobile games you want on that VR device – you could, in theory, even use streaming apps like Google. Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna for playing cloud-based games on the HTC VIVE Flow. But we did not have the opportunity to try it.

Can you connect HTC VIVE Flow to a PC?

HTC VIVE Flow will need to be plugged into a power supply if you want to use it for a significant period of time – using a USB cable, you should be able to power it from your phone, laptop, PC or bank. power supply of your choice (or you can plug it into a wall outlet, of course).

In terms of what it can show you, however, HTC VIVE Flow won’t be able to display content on your PC. It is really meant to be used with your phone. Don’t expect to use it as your primary PC headset if you’re a big VR player, because that’s not what it is.

HTC VIVE Flow Trailer

There isn’t a short, eye-catching HTC VIVE Flow trailer yet, but we’ll update this page as soon as we have one. The product is currently being unveiled live, which you can watch here:

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