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There’s nothing like walking into a delicatessen and being blown away by the smell of fresh cheeses and sliced ​​meats.

If you’re looking to have that experience at a grocery store near you, keep reading! Eat this, not that! compiled a list of where to find the best delicatessen in each state. Here’s what the cooking and lifestyle site had to say about it:

Although the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions, especially cities like New York and Philadelphia, are known for having amazing delis, don’t count the options nationwide. You’ll find everything from classic no-frills delis to places that make good use of their regional ingredients to create fun twists on classic sandwiches, like a New Mexico Green Chili Chicken Club. With reviews and comments from locals and tourists, plus a look at some award-winning delis, we’ve put together a definitive list of the best delis in every state in the United States.

In Texas, the best delicatessen is Weinberger’s Deli in Grapevine. Here’s what eat this, not that! said in support of his decision:

“If you are easily offended, I will apologize in advance. Sandwich makers can be rude at times…it’s not personal, we just try to get our customers through as quickly as possible,” reads -on in a warning about Weinberger’s. website. Don’t worry it’s a joke and the staff are just as funny and lively when you arrive in person. The menu is huge, but the Joe King Pastrami is considered the best in the deli. It’s made with grilled marbled rye with warm pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, creamy coleslaw, red onion and Russian dressing. “Great sandwiches, great service, nice and fun counter staff. Fast delivery too,” wrote one reviewer after their first visit to Weinberger. “I love their pastrami and usually get some form of it. The Joe King pastrami is fantastic. Horseradish and Russian, it takes a Reuben to the next level,” wrote one regular. “The Wall Arrestee is great too. My wife has never eaten anything here but the Reuben; she proclaimed it one of the best ever.”

Weinberger’s Deli is located at 601 S Main St. in Grapevine.

To read the full list of where to find the best delicatessen in each state, click here.


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