Lubbock Radio DJ Reaches Ukraine On WTWW Shortwave With Truth, Hope And Classic Hits


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The uniqueness of shortwave radio proves beneficial in reaching the world in times of war, and WTWW radio “legends,” including one from Lubbock, strive to entertain and to inform.

“It’s a war between good and evil,” said Dan Collins. “That’s how we see things. It’s great that we can do this. Shortwave radio, amateur radio, is a wonderful way to do this.

WTWW 5080 KHz is out of Lebanon, Tennessee. Lubbock’s Dan “The Music Man” Collins is one of many DJs who volunteer their time for the non-profit station playing Rock & Roll.

“Thursday nights I’m on the air one night a week,” Collins said. “I’ve been in radio for a little over 50 years and I’ve been on radio here in Lubbock for several years at a radio station playing this type of music. It’s just fun. I’ve been on this station for about a year, and it’s just fun to play music and have fun.

As the war in Ukraine continues, listeners in the region have received messages from listeners and music to distract from the horrors of the Russian invasion.

“I have a friend in Ukraine who I’ve emailed and corresponded with and he loves Creedence Clearwater Revival,” Collins said. “He likes it. I mean, he’s a huge fan. It’s kind of cool to be able to entertain people and also put things in that they might not know. We have listeners in Russia. They don’t understand the truth. They’ll never get the truth, but they can’t stop us. That’s the beauty of it.

WTWW also opened a phone line, 1-833-390-5085, allowing listeners to record their messages to be aired.

You can also listen through the website and make requests. Click here for WTWW online.

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