Monday Night Special at 7 p.m. – Wild Rose Moon Radio Time: Shiny Shiny Black


Shiny Shiny Black dives into the darkness, hands outstretched, searching for words and tone to shed light on haunting thoughts. Their musical hold holds you in place while the words find the vulnerable target of your heart. The talent of this American roots rock with lyrical poetry is hard at work to find each person for whom his music is intended. Travellers, Shiny Shiny Black’s first full-length album was released in April 2014 and premiered locally on Record Store Day. Their debut studio album aimed for classic guitar sounds (Brian Setzer, Luke Doucet, Tom Petty) and indie rock sensibilities (Wilco, The Black Keys). The determination and grace can be seen in their more than 130 live performances of original music since 2012 throughout the Midwest region. After releasing a collection of live recordings in December 2015, the band followed up with Wild Edges, an EP of five originals and a traditional track released on September 23, 2016. In 2020 they are releasing a series of four singles and are currently working on their third album.
From their skills, creativity and work ethic in the Midwest emerges the sounds and soul of Shiny Shiny Black. You can expect carefully crafted songs, energetic performances, plenty of stage banter, and an experience that’s both fun and transcendent.


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