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Crawford Productions has released the 15th DVD set of Cop shop.

In it, law enforcement at Riverside Police Station arrest a voyeur whose girlfriend has a penchant for being watched while undressing, and disaster strikes when Master Sergeant Eric O’Reilly (Terry Norris) tries fix a faulty light fixture at the cop’s house. store. Detective Tony Benjamin (Gregory Ross) has heartache when his wife Claire (Louise Philip) is killed in a bus crash, and a madman who developed mental health issues while fighting in Vietnam goes on a rampage and shoot.

Above photo: The latest DVD version of Cop Shop is now available.

Detective Jeff Johnson (Peter Adams) returns from America to break down a major Mafia-linked drug cartel, and he embarks on an extramarital affair with Detective Amanda King (Lynda Stoner). Unhappy Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) lands a date with a meter, and romance blossoms between Senior Constable Danni Francis (Paula Duncan) and young Constable Sam Phillips (Nicholas Eadie). Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Peter Fanelli (Bill Stalker) marries nurse sister Yvonne Holmes (Annette Andre) before starting a new life as a Federal Police Inspector in Darwin.

Constable Roy Baker (Gil Tucker) and Detective Mike Georgiou (John Orcsik) corner an offender at the Cop Shop.

Major criminals steal printing paper from government stores, which will earn them $ 5 million in counterfeit banknotes, and violent criminal escapes from prison chain gang gang by cutting a fellow inmate with a chainsaw. Two gay robbers break a bank and are themselves then held back by a hard-working Chancellor with a passion for American gangster movies. A lawyer who uses call girl services is furious to learn that his son wants to marry an ordinary prostitute, and an aging ventriloquist turns to a life of crime when bookings start to dry up.

Familiar faces appearing in these episodes include Cornelia Frances, Anne Lucas, John Ewart, Julie Nihill, Kit Taylor and Rosie Bailey from Young doctors; Belinda Giblin from Sons and daughters; Michael Caton from The Sullivans; Mary Ward, Carol Burns and Amanda Muggleton from Prisoner: Cell Block H; Anne Charleston from Neighbors; and Debra Lawrance of Far from home. Others who pop up in the action include Sigrid Thornton, Bill Hunter, Myrtle Woods, Keith Eden, Jeanie Drynan, Jessica Noad and Robyn Gibbes.

Crossroads actress Annette Andre also starred in Cop Shop.

If you are based in Australasia you can order Cop Shop Volume 15 on Crawfords DVD. Fans who live in the UK or elsewhere in the world can order from Eaton Films.

Grace Gibson Productions has released another batch of classic radio series on CD, USB and digital download.

Right: Dangerous planes endanger lives on No Highway. Left: Dr Marlowe cares for broken bodies and broken hearts at the city hospital. Middle: Keith Eden stars in both Cop Shop and City Hospital.

The 1955 radio series No highway was adapted for radio by Richard Lane from the blockbuster novel by Nevile Shute. We meet an eccentric scientist called Theodore Honey who is responsible for testing fatigue and stress from metals in aviation safety. Theodore discovers that parts of an aircraft will develop metal fatigue much sooner than expected, putting countless lives at risk, but those in positions of power refuse to take it seriously.

Unfortunately, his theory turns out to be correct when a crash occurs and the fictional plot foreshadows actual air disasters that would occur in the years to come. Nevile Shute drew on his own aviation experience when writing his novel and he was certainly ahead of his time in highlighting aviation safety issues. The cast of this exciting radio series includes Frederick Parslow of The Sullivans, Mary Ward of Prisoner and Brian James of Skyways as Theodore Honey.

City Hospital Volume 1 presents fifteen episodes of the Australian radio series that followed the lives and loves of patients and staff at a busy metropolitan hospital. Keith Eden plays the dashing Dr. Jeffrey Marlowe who meets a young man with a mental illness and a bored woman who begins to write threatening letters to herself in order to get the attention of her busy husband. Marlowe worries about a patient being overlooked by another doctor, an elderly man claiming to have no family or friends suffers a heart attack while crossing the road, and a man suspected of knocking down a store shank is brought in for treatment by the police, but why is he carrying a razor blade and a rubber hose?

If you want even more classic radio drama you can try Dual-use drama library which features eight individual stories that were written by some of the best radio writers during the 1960s. Digest of Drama Volume 2 presents another batch of quick and gripping stories that were produced for radio in the 1950s, including The Parasite and The Rutledge Affair.

There’s even more vintage radio drama with Night beat volume 11 in which columnist Randy Stone (Harp McGuire) continues to prowl the streets at night in search of his next big scoop. Randy is part private investigator and part Good Samaritan as he explores potentially juicy leads. Whispering Streets Volume 1, presented by Hope Winslow (Lyndall Barbour), presents a selection of standalone human interest stories that have been adapted from American scripts for Australian audiences.

Fans of longtime political satire How Green Was My Cactus are going to be in for a treat with three new releases. Classic Cactus – November 2021 stars Keith Scott and Robyn Moore in 22 episodes airing on Australian Radio in November. Classic cactus: the best of 2021 features 100 specially selected tracks, including those dealing with Global Warming Greats, Action Hero Veg, Krudd Siege, Sausage Mayhem and Bogan Mormons.

During this time, King Bonza The Lost Years, transports us to the subtropical Cactus Island the year before King Bonza came to power and we have the chance to revisit the hilarious events of his kingdom with six episodes that were recorded live in the 1980s.

All of these radio series can be purchased by listeners around the world from the Grace Gibson Productions website.

Photographs copyright Crawford Productions / WIN / Eaton Films. IRS Grace Gibson Productions.
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