Radio Africa Group lawyer files complaint against employer at labor office – Nairobi News


An employee of the Radio Africa Group (RAG) filed a complaint against her employer with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

Linda Musita, who works as a legal officer for the RAG, has, according to documents seen by Nairobi News, accused her employer of harassment, retaliation and discrimination at work.

Musita had separately accused the company of acting inappropriately towards him after he sent in a formal request for a role reduction.

Nairobi News has contacted the media group’s human resources manager for comment and she confirmed the matter “will be handled internally”.

In an earlier request letter, Musita said she joined the media house in 2013 as a junior sub-editor. She rose through the ranks to initially assume the dual role of Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Star Legal Officer.

She was eventually promoted to Star Legal Officer and Radio Africa Group Legal Officer/Head of Legal, in that order.

But then she ran into trouble after contacting management to discuss when staff members would start receiving their full salaries again.

This follows employee pay cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our client did not get a straight answer on when full pay will be restored. Instead, she was profiled and talked about in humiliating and demeaning ways for being a single parent,” reads in part the letter from Namachanja Wambulwa and Co. Advocates.

Musita adds that she was later diagnosed with “gastritis and generalized anxiety disorder, a condition she attributed to the challenges she encountered.”

She asked the company’s management to open investigations and possible disciplinary proceedings against the group’s human resources manager.

But Radio Africa Group, in its official response, says it has a structure in place to handle these issues and will only respond to Musita’s complaints through HR manuals and the employee handbook.

The standoff comes nine months after another employee, namely Shaffie Weru, sued the company for 20 million shillings in compensation, citing unlawful termination of his contract.


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