Radio Caca (RACA) Could Rise by 20%, According to CoinMarketCap


According to an analysis of Coinmarketcap, a leading provider of cryptocurrency value data, Radio Caca (RACA) has more than 20% upside potential as the RACA token is currently trading at the $0.00173 level and could rise higher until it breaks the resistance at $0.0024. According to the site, recent developments in RACA combined with the strength of the bulls to maintain vital support for the cryptocurrency could propel RACA to a new high.

Source: CoinMarketCap

According to CoinMarketCap:

“RACA sits in the middle of two trigger zones. Currently it looks bullish, and after testing an extreme, while also taking all the lower liquidity, the buyers stepped in. Ideally, the price will test $0.0023. This is a large supply area, however, identifying a key command block eliminates all the noise. »

The article also points out that if the price can swing to $0.0024, then it can rise much higher, with local highs being the next target.

“As the metaverse and the NFT hype are always in flux, it is best to watch the possible price movements of some market cap giants in this category for the next bull run!” Scarpa pointed out.

Radio Caca Top 1 Metaverse Token on BNB Channel

Kyle Portman, analyst at The VR soldier, one of the best cryptocurrency news sites out there. In a recent market analysis, Portman ranked RACA as the #1 sub-$0.01 metaverse token that investors should pay attention to.

“In recent news, RACA has made headlines by teaming up with world-class icon and hip-hop artist French Montana on his upcoming album Montega. Additionally, the team has allocated nearly $25 million to develop a Montana album-themed Metaverse game called 2D Montega,” the analyst pointed out to justify RACA’s placement in the TOP 1 metaverse token.

All developments and expectations around RACA are linked to the developments announced by the RACA team and the strong community that supports it. Data from DappRadar and NFTScan shows that among projects built on BNBChain, RACA was the second largest in the last 24 hours by number of active users on its marketplace, totaling over 11,000 users on the platform.

Recently, American artist Nicole Buffett, Warren Buffett’s granddaughter, announced that she would be the artistic director of RACA. Buffett will work directly with rapper French Montana and the RACA development team around the 2D Montega Metaverse (2DMM), which will tie into Montana’s upcoming album, Montegaas a play-to-earn style 2D metaverse.

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