Radio listeners show more interest in online sports betting


Radio listeners show more interest in online sports betting

Cumulus Media

Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct a nationwide survey of online sports betting brand awareness. 1,252 adults aged 21 and over were surveyed in February. 483 respondents were from states that have legalized sports betting and 769 respondents were from states that have not. This week’s AAG blog examines the key findings.

  • The ideal target for online sports betting are adults between the ages of 35 and 54 who are married, have children and work full time. Nearly half of those most interested in online sports betting are adults aged 35-54 (48%). Women are increasingly interested in online sports betting. The gender profile of those interested is more evenly distributed (men 54% vs women 46%).
  • Based on the media habits of online sports betting enthusiasts, the optimal media split is 54% AM/FM radio and 48% TV. Compared to TV viewers, AM/FM radio listeners have significantly more experience with online sports betting, greater interest, awareness and engagement with online sports betting brands.
  • The audio sports betting media plan should contain a wide range of AM/FM radio programming formats and podcast genres. Those interested in online sports betting listen to a wide range of podcast genres and AM/FM radio program formats beyond just sports programming. Audio media plans that focus primarily on spoken word (news/talk and sports) will miss the majority of those engaged in online sports betting. Based on AM/FM radio programming format preferences among those interested in online sports betting, the ideal allocation is 20% of impressions for Rock, then 10% each for the rest of the formats (Rock Classical, News/Talk, Sports, Classic Hits/Oldies, Country, Top 40, Urban and Adult Contemporary).
  • Audio media plans should emphasize reach over frequency and increase weight to reach 60% of the market. Recent monthly AM/FM radio plans reach only 38% of the market. Brands should aim to reach at least 60% of the market each month.

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