Richard Ashcroft brings pure joy to South Facing Festival 2022


August 7, 2022, 7:47 PM | Updated: August 7, 2022, 7:51 PM

Richard Ashcroft played an epic title during the South Facing Festival.

Photo: Warren Millar / Alamy Stock Photo

The Verve legend played a powerful set of his most iconic hits at the Crystal Palace festival. Find out what happened here.

Richard Ashcroft played a euphoric title set at Southern festival on Saturday (August 6) offering the perfect slice of nostalgic bliss for a summer evening.

To top off a stellar line-up at Crystal Palace Bowl, which included special guests DBRMM and Strollthe Wigan bard treated fans to a selection of his most iconic tunes from his time as frontman of the verve leader as well as his solo career.

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After kicking things off with his 2018 solo single, Surprised by JoyAshcroft treated the fans to endure Urban anthems ballad Sonnet and another favorite from the same album, Space and time.

While Ashcroft performed artists like The drugs don’t work, Morning Velvet and Lucky with his stripped-down set, it was clear he intended to celebrate The Verve’s seminal 1997 album as he did with his recent Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1 Release.

However, it was not only Urban anthems. Ashcroft also littered his performance with solo favorites such as the bustle Alone with everyone classic A song for lovers (which he dedicated to “all lovers” and his wife Kate), These people Single, Hold and keys to the world classic Break the night with color.

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After coming back for an encore and playing a catchy condition of Come on people (we do it now), Ashcroft finished on the iconic Verve anthem, bittersweet symphonybringing his cathartic set to a thunderous crescendo.

Richard Ashcroft’s South Facing Festival setlist on Saturday 6

1. Surprised by joy

2. Sonnet (The Verve Song)

3. Space and Time (The Verve song)

4. A song for lovers

5. Break up the night with color

6. Drugs Don’t Work (The Verve song)

7. Wait

8. Velvet Morning (The Verve Song)

9. Lucky Man (The Verve Song)


10. Come on people (we do it now)

11. Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve Song)

The South Facing festival ends on August 7 with a title from Becky Hill.

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