San Diego radio host broadcasts from his closet for listeners in Ukraine – NBC 7 San Diego


Some people send money. Some send goods. Others show their support for Ukraine on social networks.

Then there are a handful of radio hosts who lend their voices to WTWW outside of Tennessee. Their broadcasts can be heard around the world through a powerful shortwave radio transmitter.

“The station can be heard here in California. You can hear it in Europe,” said longtime San Diego radio host Dave Mason.

Mason has a regular classic rock-n-roll show on Tuesday nights on WTWW, which is short for “We Transmit Worldwide.” He records it at home, sends it digitally to the Tennessee station, and WTWW sends it around the world.

“Thousands of miles away in Ukraine,” grins Mason. “One of the goals of what we’re trying to do here is to keep people inspired, to keep them happy.”

Mason and the other broadcasters have turned their talents to focus on Ukrainians who can listen on shortwave radios.

“They look to us for hope,” Mason said. “They’re at home. They’re in bunkers…. They’re in bombed-out buildings.

It’s still a typical radio show, playing music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

“They don’t need to hear the news 24/7. They know what’s going on,” Mason explained.

However, WTWW also began playing recorded messages of support for Ukrainians from people who call the station at 1-833-390-5085. Most are in English. Some are in Ukrainian. Some are in Russian.

“It’s phenomenal. It gives you a great feeling. It’s good for your heart,” Mason said.

Mason said they would continue to spread the messages and target Ukrainians as long as they listened.

“We would like this to end tomorrow and until it does we will be here hopefully.”


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