SEGA is working on new Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio games


Following the report that SEGA was developing a “Super Game” project, fans now believe that a new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi will be among them.


SEGA announced in 2021 that it had a five-year plan to develop what it called a “Super Game”. While it was initially speculated that this project would work on a title supporting the publisher’s classic franchises such as sonic the hedgehog, it was confirmed earlier this month that the “Super Game” was actually a series of upcoming AAA titles from SEGA. According to SEGA’s information on its upcoming games, they will follow a pattern established by fortnite and Robloxallowing for an online community and extended play through consistent updates.


Now, it looks like fans may have confirmation on the first major titles SEGA is working on as part of its “Super Game” project. According to a recent report, SEGA is currently developing a reboot of crazy cab and Radio Jet Set. There is not much information about the development of the new Radio Jet Setyet, crazy cab is reportedly a year into its development, with a few more years to go. It now makes much more sense why SEGA moved away from Taxi Chaosa game like crazy caba few months ago, while working on his own wacky driving game.

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Radio Jet Set hasn’t had a new game for 20 years, but still managed to have an influence on the gaming industry, as many developers have cited him as an influence for games such as Overdrive at sunset. Radio Jet Set and crazy cab both mark as some of SEGA’s most recognizable properties outside of sonic the hedgehogso it makes sense that these are the first two games announced as part of the “Super Game” project.

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Even with the announcement of these games, it looks like SEGA isn’t promising its fans that these titles will arrive at some point in the future. Like Radio Jet Set and crazy taxis reboots have been revealed, the gaming giant also said that these two new games are in early development and can still be cancelled. While SEGA may be trying to dampen the fan hype with this disclaimer, many are still going to be excited for a new Radio Jet Set and crazy cabespecially with original composer Hideki Nagnuma returning to work on the former.

As indicated, both Radio Jet Set and crazy cabNew entries are said to follow a similar business model to popular live games like fortnite. It looks like SEGA is also following a similar line of thinking to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who said live service titles are the future, rather than subscription services. How Radio Jet Set and Mad Taxi will create online communities is unknown and any information about it is probably years away.

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