Snooker: Rockets bounce back to top of league


Former leaders had goodbye this week

Report by Mike Crook:

Finch Hill Rockets bounced back to lead the Macs Builders Merchants snooker league, taking advantage of former leaders Finch Hill Mob’s exemption.

Jacksons 1-4 Finch Hill Rockets

Report band Graham Ashton:

Alex Sinclair 47-56 Sean Murphy, a good long range pink from Murphy sealed the opener. Mike Reddington 78-79 Matt Radley It went on for over an hour before Radley won after a good safety battle on black. Chris Winterburn 19-74 Marek Kenny, a tough task for Winterburn’s league debut and it was one way traffic, Kenny scoring heavily with several breaks in the teens. Richard Hillier 60-61 Graham Ashton, missed opportunities from Ashton as Hillier extended his start with a lead of over 40 points. SA few good snooker players and a bit of luck helped bring it to black which he eventually pocketed, despite a huge jolt! Lee Gale 65-43 Marc Bolton, Gale’s 23-break in the final at least gave the Jacksons a consolation point. All in all, a lucky result for the Rockets, with three extremely close frames putting them back in pole position.

Finch Hill reprimands 2-3 St Olaves

Rhys Moore report:

It was a near disaster for St Olaves, they were missing a player so they started 1-0 and another player was beaten by over 100 points. However, they still claimed victory after winning the first three frames played. Rhys Moore 38-58 Dave Kelly, promoted to the top of the order for a change, Moore set out to hit some nice long reds but couldn’t get the most out of them. Kelly continued to scratch and sealed the frame with a stunning pink cut down the middle. Rob Callister 48-60 Paul Smyth, a good battle in a frame of excellent pots that the two could have won, but in the end Smyth busted it on the black. Dollin Mercer 50-76 Darrell Thacker, a weird scratch game where none of the balls behaved as they should. Pots were created that shouldn’t be possible and single shots wouldn’t go in. Thacker was lucky to get half a dozen snookers on Mercer which ultimately made the difference. After losing the match, it was up to Paul Tangeman to limit the damage to the Reprobates’ title challenge. The home team had confidence that Tangeman would go all the way, not only is he top of the individual league, but also the wonderful stat that at no point in the season have Tangeman and Moore lost on the same night! What came next, however, was not planned. Having a 49 start over Kerr, Tangeman set about dismantling the table with his league best break of 24 and continued to score on almost every visit to the table, even when the cue ball was tight against the cushion. Kerr was not given many chances and eventually conceded when Tangeman ran out of space on the scoreboard at 120-13! A great performance from Tangeman which earned him a third cut handicap.

The Legion Hurricanes 3-2 Peel

Jamie Wilson 26-66 Mike Crook, Crook took on a few early tempters with colors to stretch his 35 start. He then ran and made a color dog dinner to limit Wilson’s chances. Shaun Roberts 66-43 Don Humphries, too many in-offs from Humphries as Roberts led the frame with solid potting. Needing a snooker on pink, Humphries played a nice cannon on black to get him off the cushion and laying snooker down. However, Roberts escaped and soon put him to bed. Chris Dagnall 75-68 Geoff Hall, Hall’s starting 35 quickly became well over 50 with some early reds and blacks. He barely pocketed another ball until the final blue as Dagnall collected it, bit by bit. A large pink, leaning on the cushion, followed by an even better black in the middle, taking inspiration from the jaws of a corner bag, capped off a remarkable comeback. Gary Conwell 20-64 Jim Caley, Peel’s super-sub Caley won five out of six, using an off-the-rack signal as usual. Conwell was not at his best and after Caley confidently took a tricky final red along the cushion with an easy black, snooker was needed. Steve Munk 47-40 John Kelly, the decider not only went to black, but also to a re-spot. Kelly had to do two long ball half-pots on pink and black to force repositioning before Munky took the frame and matched with a similar long-range effort.

Finch Hill Musicians 4-1 Cue Zone Blinders

Both teams are desperate for victory where Blinders have won the previous three meetings. Mike Doherty 31-68 Martin Rigg brought them forward but from there it was all about the musicians. David McVeigh 58-31 Jez Hill, Matthew Dodd recalled 50-23 over Ivan McMaw and Vic Rigby 95-77 Calum Gardner wrapped up the win. The highest break of the week, a 33 from Gardner not enough to bamboozle Rigby. Finally, Dave Hanlon 55-25 Scott Campion made it comfortable for the home team. Could this be the end of the Blinders challenge?

Port St Mary Legion 3-2 Douglas Snooker Bar Wannabes

Report by Terry Boyle:

Dave Pickersgill 55-42 Harry Minor, another thriller for the ‘black ball king’ Pickersgill. Close all over with both players getting good single pots but not putting much together. With two balls remaining, Minor had a few good chances on the pink before Pickersgill took both to steal the frame. Phil Joynes 90-50 Steve Cowin, no contest as Cowin has never been to races with a few in-offs and Joynes played well with a best break of 23. Terry Boyle 44-63 Fred Corris, with his 28 Corris start stayed ahead. With two reds remaining, Boyle, who can’t buy a win right now, has got red and black and needs the last red and a color moving forward. Corris took the colors back to pink for an easy win. Matthew Astill 66-52 Best frame of the night Dave Corris good potting from both players and Corris with a 20 break. Astill took the frame and the game on the pink and are one win away from a handicap cup . Marc Morley 50-74 Paul McKinstry, 49 started for McKinstry and he played consistently. Morley struggled to get back into the frame with good pots but to no avail.

Malew 3-2 Newbies DSB

Not much at stake here, but Malew’s fifth win of the campaign was a rematch of their previous encounter and gives them some breathing room above the inferior Wannabes side. David Quayle arrived late but made his trip worthwhile with a big win and reduced handicap. Frame scores: James Goodwin 79-92 Johnny Myers, Eric Drinkwater 74-41 Ste MacDonald, Alec Oates 46-55 Jason Campbell, David Quayle 91-43 Zain Abideen and Mark Quinn 70-45 Simon Gardner.

Best league finishes:

Finch Hill Rockets 54 points,

Finch Hill reprimands – 52 points

Peel Legion – 52 points

Finch Hill Crowd – 51 points

St. Olaves – 51 points

Finch Hill Musicians – 50 points

Reprobates and Peel played one game more than the others.

An excellent set of results for Paul Tangeman in his quest for the Individual Championship title, his three closest challengers all lost. With 15 wins, he leads by two with just a handful of games to play. Rhys Moore is second with 13 points, followed by Calum Gardner, Johnny Myers and John Kelly with 12 points. In the league of big breaks, Tom Miller remains on 25.5 points, his lead being cut by Calum Gardner on 23 and Darryl Hill on 20.


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