The 8 best Lofi radio stations on YouTube


Lofi music, derived from the term low-fidelity, has recently seen its popularity rise. This genre of music, usually composed of non-lyrical music and distorted looping samples, is adored by many as the perfect music for studying, working, or relaxing.

But with so many choices, it can be difficult to find the right song or playlist for you. This is where radio stations come in. These YouTube radio stations can give you endless hours of listening.

Here are the best lofi radio stations on YouTube.

This list begins with the potentially most iconic lofi radio station on YouTube. Lofi Girl’s radio station is easily recognized by its looping video of a girl studying with her cat.

The channel itself regularly attracts over 30,000 viewers, an impressive number for a live radio station, which really shows its popularity. It’s obvious why. If you are new to lofi music or are a long time veteran, this channel is a good reference for what lofi music sounds like.

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Lofi Girl is more than just a radio station. There are derivative products if you want to support the channel, as well as other means of listening, such as Spotify or Apple Music. You can also find a list of tracks if you search for the description of the video.

Next on the list comes Chillhop Radio. If you are looking for something a little more funky, or if you just have a fondness for jazz, then this chain might be better suited to your taste.

Chillhop Music is the brains behind this YouTube radio station and actually serves as the label for the music they play on the station. You’ll find a more upbeat vibe here than with a more traditional lofi, and if you ever feel like taking the music with you, there are Spotify and Apple Music playlists you can also listen to.

There are some extra features that you will experience with this radio station as well, such as unreleased tracks from upcoming releases and even random freebies for those of you who like the free stuff.

If something sweeter is what you are looking for then Coffe Shop Radio might be able to fill that niche for you. The resort itself emphasizes meditation and relaxation, and advocates the best listening experience at night.

It’s easy to see why. There are no vocal samples to distract from your thoughts, and the accompaniment is cohesive and great for relaxing, albeit a bit repetitive.

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Coffee Shop Radio offers a Spotify playlist that is updated weekly if you want to take the music with you.

Jazz Lofi Radio is a little different from some of the other radio stations on this list. The lofi influences are less obvious here, while the jazz influences take a more important place.

If you are new to lofi music and looking for something a little more subdued then this radio station might be perfect for you.

If you are looking to study with this music in the background, check out the links in the video description; there is a selection of music with a superimposed Pomodoro timer, to help you maximize your efficiency.

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The image they picked of a boy studying in the rain is clearly inspired by some of the other entries on this list, and there’s even a Spotify link if you want to take the music with you.

Unlike many entries on this list, LO: FI opts for simplicity in everything it does. There is no looping animation to distract you from what you need to do, just the name of the radio station in a digital font.

The music itself is a bit darker than some of the other entries on this list, which in many ways makes it an appropriate match for its aesthetic.

On a more seasonal note, Autumn Chill is a lofi radio station aimed at capturing the magic of fall, but manages to be a relaxing backdrop for whatever you do, no matter what time of year.

Music comes from a variety of places, including submissions and established sources. The animated backdrop is also repetitive enough not to be too distracting, while still capturing the mood of the music.

The last entry on this list is for anyone who enjoys anime or just anything Japanese. Anime Lofi Radio is a YouTube radio station dedicated to lofi anime remixes. Any songs that aren’t a direct remix of anime openings are all inspired by this theme, which leads to a cohesive listening experience.

Finally, Late Night Radio Lofi is making its way on this list. Late Night Radio Lofi is a slightly smaller YouTube radio station that emphasizes relaxing beats, even for lofi standards.

If you are looking for a station that will help you fall asleep or just relax, then Late Night Radio Lofi might be right for you. The music selection is particularly smooth and draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, all with the express purpose of helping you get through those late nights.

Take the radio with you

YouTube radio stations are convenient and easy to use, but there are always more ways to listen to music. Whether it’s lofi or something completely different, there’s no reason to go without great music just because you don’t know how to listen to it.

Whether it’s on your phone, in your car, or on your laptop, there is a plethora of options available once you know how to access them.


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