Why mr big needed to die and just like that


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And just like that, Sex and the City is back.

The 10-part reboot of the once-groundbreaking TV series finally fell on Sky Comedy after months of anticipation, showing our favorite friendship quartet (now trio) navigating life and love in our fifties.

And Just Like That was desperate to point out that Carrie Bradshaw and her colleagues were adjusting to a modern world, practically beating her audience over their heads with a mass of contemporary references in the first five minutes. It’s a new New York City, the world having changed dramatically since we last saw women in the second (damn) movie in 2011.

But it’s not just the arrival of Instagram and the disposable coronavirus references that are supposed to signal a dramatic change from the last time we saw the girls. And Just Like That made the bold and shocking decision to kill Mr Big, Carrie’s main love interest and now husband, with a sudden heart attack after a workout (Peloton product placement probably didn’t want to).

It was a surprisingly tragic moment in a show that is, for the most part, a comedy. Sex and the City certainly didn’t shy away from tackling touching and emotional topics, such as Charlotte’s fertility issues and Samantha’s breast cancer, but it always approached these topics with a skillful levity – serious conversations have taken place. been overwhelmed by a quick shot. mind, with the clever pun to allow Sex and the City’s most serious posts to filter through without sounding judgmental. But none of the signature humor of the original series was present in the heart-wrenching moments when Big and Carrie looked at each other one last time before they died in her arms, Carrie’s wedding shoes a soggy heap as she left it. rocked by the shower.

Big’s death, surprising as it is, is symbolic of the end of an era. The cigar-smoking, jazz-loving businessman was a hallmark of old New York City, the city of glamor and excess we experienced in the original TV series. But as And Just Like That is so keen to show us, this world is long gone; In order to see characters progress in an ever-changing environment, writers can’t rely on the same storyline and safety net that Big provided.


Basically, the team behind Sex and the City find themselves stuck for compelling stories when Carrie and Big are happy, trying to find plenty of ways to break their domestic bliss just to get the couple back together. Killing Big puts an end to this and ushers in a new era for Carrie; for the first time, we’ll see her without her great comfort blanket romance that she always comes back to – this is the show’s opportunity to explore new, intriguing territory and likely one linked to someone looking to her. adapt to life after such a seismic loss.

Despite all of its flaws, Sex and the City was revolutionary in its approach to female sexuality and dating when it first hit screens in 1998. It was one of the pioneers to bring to the fore. conversations about sex and intimacy without it being for men. titillation. But the dating landscape has changed dramatically since Carrie and co’s conversations at the brunch table; Along with apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, which have turned dating into an endless carousel of choice, there is new jargon to reason and define: “ghost”, “breadcrumbs”, “soft launch” “. In order for And Just Like That to carry the avant-garde torch that Sex and the City gave him, he must have at least one daughter to become a brave trailblazer and explore this bizarre new world of romance, love and sex.

Ultimately, Big’s sudden death allows And Just Like That to have a lot more depth than many initially believed. The daring decision to kill one of its main actors shows its detractors that the sequel to Sex and the City will not be just a fuck and shoes, but an in-depth exploration of femininity, love and love. loss – and it’s far more appealing than just seeing Carrie and Big have yet another spinoff.

Sex and the City: And Just Like That is available to watch on Sky Comedy and stream on NOW starting today.

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